IdentityStream Vision


You are in good hands with us.

We deliver business solutions

We deliver stable, coherent and logically sound business solutions that give you better control. With our systems, you will spend less time on day-to-day tasks and more time focused on the big picture.

We’re contactable & responsive

You quickly get good answers to your enquiries directly from skilled professionals who speak your language.

Our key progress indicator is business requirements met

We have skilled and pragmatic professionals that are very good at turning requirements into working software with qualities above expectations. We deliver modern and coherent solutions based on innovative technologies.

Our corporate governance platform


Gain control over employee access

The combination of identity and access management (IAM) makes it easy to meet regulatory requirements.

Numerous integrations

The system is integrated with leading HR and IT systems from, among others, Visma and Microsoft. We also offer tailor-made integrations when needed.

Enquiry management as it should be

ServiceManager supports advanced enquiry management scenarios using configurable case flow and a powerful form engine.



Automates user and access management. Covers the requirements of the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway.


A range of services, each covering legal requirements or improving a process.


The module ensures that the company operates in accordance with the GDPR.


Covers change risk, including GDPR DPIA.


IT service management system with a knowledge database for frequently asked questions.


HR functions including registration of payroll and signing of ethical guidelines for employees.


Save money and improve service uptime by getting notified before important contracts are about to expire.

Password bank

Secure management of the business passwords.

Integrity & perseverance


Our skilled and pragmatic professionals will turn your requirements into working solutions with qualities above expectations.

Application Development

We develop your ideas from start to finish.

Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint Online

We know how to implement your organization’s needs in the Microsoft cloud.

Solve Problems

We have a good working knowledge of Microsoft and software development technolgies in general. We have clients we hear from only a handful of times annually, when they need help to work out problems. Be it making a powershell script, system configuring or through communication with a third part vendor, we do not yield until the problem is solved. And we call a problem a problem, not a challenge. The challenge is to solve the problem and that challenge is ours.


You are in good hands with us, but you need not take our word for it. See what some of our customers and authority contacts are saying about our services.

Fast & Reliable


IdentityStream was founded in 2005 with a genuine desire to make coherent software that makes the workday easier for users on all levels. We have customers ranging in size from a couple hundred employees to SpareBank 1 on the other end of the scale.

  • Tore Olav Kristiansen

    Tore Olav Kristiansen
    Founder & CEO
  • Håvard Meling

    Håvard Meling
    Partner & CIO
  • Ragnar Stølsmark

    Ragnar Stølsmark
    Partner & CTO


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